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2/1488 Sydney Road

Campbellfield, Victoria, Australia

Phone: 04 SHINE 066

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We offer a range of services from cleaning offices, labour hire and waste management. Check out our full range below.

Labour hire

In our labour hire roll, we supply skilled staff who are not only trained in their designated role, but are also 100% compliant and legal to work in Australia.

We expect our team to have their paperwork up to date and supply on-site APC training in all areas of their roles.

Our labour hire services can be booked with short notice, via our website and app or you can pre-book to ensure you have the pick of our team. We supply labour for event work, promotions, hosting, cleaning, trivia and more.


Our cleaning department combines the skills of customer service officers with commercial and event cleaners. Our team are trained in OH&S awareness, office cleaning, events, retail spaces and services. 

APC can have services organised quickly by clients booking online or app. Choose the package and book. Or for regular sites, our team will put together a package to suit your needs.

Event services

We look after waste management plans for events of all sizes. Our team includes event managers with degrees and experience in the event industry. They will work with you to create a waste management plan, that will work with your event schedule. 

Our services also include event staff and entertainment, which can be included in a complete package for any size event.

Specialist services

With years of experience, we can look after steam cleaning, strip and seals, commercial adhoc work, apartment cleaning and many more ways to help with your cleaning needs. 

In the labour department, we have a range of talented staff who can help with your entertainment, crowd control, promotions and event crew needs. They are unique, and have been trained to follow instructions and perform everything with A1 customer service skills.

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We offer a complete cleaning & waste management service for events. Our event management team work closely with our experienced cleaners to create the best plan.


Our role in the commercial cleaning industry spans more than 15 years. We can help with cleaning retail & office spaces all through the CBD & surrounding suburbs.

Commercial Cleaning

Find out what makes us different from other labour hire companies. What is it that puts us in a different category than cleaners. And why you should trust APC to help you out . 

Specialised Services